Edward Norton would gladly take a role in the next Batman film

This is a small tidbit that managed to slip through the cracks over the weekend. But it's also a fun one to ponder the possibilities over. Plus, I really like Edward Norton and think he's a super classy guy.

On Friday, IGN UK discussed Norton's upcoming film STONE. But of course, they also got into the Hulk situation again. He basically gave the site the same gist as he had everyone else, and obviously had no hard feelings about Mark Ruffalo taking on the role. "I think I said everything I want to say in the one thing I put out about that. It was a great privilege to do it, and I couldn't be more appreciative of everybody's support and positivity towards that because I love those films too. And I hate it when they miss. I hate it when they miss on one - it seems like such a wasted opportunity. But the truth is I'm probably more naturally interested in doing something that I haven't done. I have only good thoughts towards that though," Norton explained.

He said that he wasn't against doing another superhero film. In fact, if a good role came along, he would snatch it right up.

"Chris Nolan's making the best ones out there by far. I'd do one with him. He's set a new bar for sure, and I think he's done a great, great job," said Norton. IGN asked if the actor would be up for playing a villain in the next BATMAN film, "That would be fun, I would not say no to that." They even asked if he would play the Riddler, "Your guys can put their votes in on that."

Hmmmm...Norton as the Riddler. Would it work? Is there another villain that might be better suited for him? Did they just say that because both characters share the same name? Tell us what you think!

Extra Tidbit: Norton and Ron Livingston were college buddies at Yale.
Source: IGN UK



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