Efron's new life

Zac Efron playing a caretaker at a cemetery is like Kevin James playing a Playboy Playmate. It just doesn't make sense. Nevertheless, Efron has been cast as said caretaker in THE DEATH AND LIFE OF CHARLIE ST. CLOUD, an adaptation of the novel written by former "Good Morning America" producer Ben Sherwood.

Efron will be re-teaming with his 17 AGAIN director Burr Steers in the film about a cemetery janitor who manages to have weekly meetings with his younger brother whose accidental death he feels responsible for. 17 AGAIN hasn't even been released yet, and these two are already developing a relationship that could produce the best actor/director partnership since Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Sorry, I had a lot of whiskey tonight.

Efron was supposed to star in the remake of FOOTLOOSE but backed out of that because he did not want to set himself up for Kevin Bacon's career. If I could throw my two cents in, I say Zac should leave the movie stuff to the real actors, and focus on banging his hot tight teen girlfriend Vanessa.

Extra Tidbit: If Efron and Steers aren't the best actor/director duo of all time, who is?
Source: Variety



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