Eisner on Flash, Lagoon

Our very own Eric Walkuski spoke to director Breck Eisner and managed to squeeze a little info out of the man about his developing FLASH GORDON and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. Here are a couple cliff-notes on FLASH:

"I love them both, they're both big movies. I think I will push both of them forward at full pedal and hope one of them goes first."

On the status of FLASH GORDON: "We broke story with the writers [Matt] Sazama and [Burk] Sharpless for the last five or six months or so. They went to draft just as we started shooting, and they're going to get to me a draft at wrap. I'll read it and do notes and we'll do a polish on that and give it to the studio a couple months from now. Hopefully the studio will like it and we'll go forward. It's a big movie and the studio has got to love the script."

Go HERE for more on FLASH and for Eisner's thoughts on CREATURE.

Unfortunately, I don't really know all that much about either of these projects. I do like to think that I know my fair share about breasts, though. And these are a couple of peaches. Now, play me off, Johnny!

Extra Tidbit: Kurt Russell auditioned to play FLASH GORDON back in 1980.
Source: AITH



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