Eli character posters

The THE BOOK OF ELI might look damn good, but the best thing about this has got to be Gary Oldman playing the bad guy again.

Of course, the sexiness that is Mila Kunis is in the film as well. This brings me to the main subject of our article, new posters. Each of the three include the main characters of the film in their sunglasses: Eli (Denzel Washington), Solara (Mila Kunis), and Carnegie (Gary Oldman). Now, they aren't as cool as the first two, but I still really like them.

I side with my fellow editor Paul, when I say that this feels a lot like what a FALLOUT movie would bring. It really only makes me long for an apocalyptic drama that takes place in the world outside of Vault 101 where I have to search for my Father who happens to be Liam Neeson. Even though there's supposed to be a film based on the game in the works, will they even bother after ELI? Yeah, probably so. Let's just hope it brings something new and awesome to the table when it finally does arrive. Until then I'll settle with going to see ELI on January 15, 2010. Click for the full view on the posters.

Extra Tidbit: The FALLOUT 3 soundtrack is one of the best. On that note, off to revisit the game.
Source: IGN



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