Eli Roth will bring us a Psycho Killer

Well, the man knows what he likes. Eli Roth is attaching his name to yet another horror project, hopefully one that will be less woefully stupid than THE LAST EXORCISM (a decent movie ruined by its last twenty minutes). He's reuniting with EXORCISM co-producer Eric Newman to give us PSYCHO KILLER.

It's about, you guessed it, a psycho killer who goes on a cross country murder spree and is tracked down by the wife of one of his victims. The story will follow the perspective of each character until they inevitably intersect.

Kevin Walker has written the script, and is no stranger to mass murder as he's also penned 8MM and SE7EN. Combine that with Roth's love for gore, and this is sure to at least be memorable.

"When people read the name Psycho Killer from the creators of Seven and Hostel, they know they are in for an intense ride, but one that will be smart and original," Roth said to Variety.

Rawr! We're naming our movie Psycho Killer! You better be scared!

Extra Tidbit: On the Hostel wall of weapons (seen above), why would you ever choose a gun? BORING.
Source: Variety



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