Ellen Page gets another shot at playing a lesbian in Freeheld

"Why can't I just hug another woman with my legs in friendship?"

Ellen Page is set to star in the adaptation of Cynthia Wade’s 2007 Oscar-winning documentary, FREEHELD. Academy Award nominated screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (PHILADELPHIA) will be the one to write the screenplay.

FREEHELD is "the true story of New Jersey car mechanic Stacie Andree (Page) and her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester’s struggle to secure pension benefits after Hester’s diagnosis with a terminal illness. The struggle that ensued with the county legislators exposed government corruption, long-gestating community bigotry and the courage of individuals in a battle for equality that resonated around the world." No word yet on who will play Andree's girlfriend, Hester.

Page apparently was the first choice to play Andree, according to producer James D. Stern of Endgame Entertainment. Endgame will be the company financing the film.

This isn't Page's first brush with lesbianism. She was originally slated to play a young lesbian werewolf in JACK AND DIANE. Page dropped out of the project with Allison Pill (DAN IN REAL LIFE) replacing her.

Extra Tidbit: To get a glimpse of the short film, check out the trailer here.
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