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Every site that posted the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET trailer on Sunday night witnessed an overwhelming response from fans and detractors alike, a lots of which focused on Freddy's new face and peculiar voice. And in this online age of ours, SOME filmmakers actually listen to what fans have to say.

Producer Brad Fuller checked in with Platinum Dunes blog via Bloody Disgusting and addressed those issues, re-assuring fans that the new Elm Street is still a work in progress.

"We are continuing to refine Freddy's look", he offered. "Many people commented about the CGI on his face - and I don't want to give everything away but I will say this - Freddy's face is 98% practical make-up. Moreover, as you now know we went hardcore on what a burn victim really looks like."

As for that Clint Eastwood eating Jello voice, well "Jackie spent so much time on the voice, researching what people who've has their vocal cords burned sound like. He is still working on it and I suspect that we will be refining it, until the last moment." So, are we feeling reassured?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder what Robert Englund thinks of all this.
Source: Platinum Dunes



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