Elm Street remake

Freddy Kruger In their continuing quest to repackage every single classic, iconic horror film and franchise with the hotties, hard bodies, glossy exterior and dizzying flash cuts that today's film audiences demand, Michael Bay's production company, Platinum Dunes, will partner with New Line to reboot the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise. The film, of course, centers on the machinations of the ultimate boogeyman Freddy Kruger and his lust for haunting and eliminating busty teenagers in their sleep. Robert Englund played the role for nine films and two TV movies but it's likely we'll actually be seeing someone else don the striped shirt, hat and claws for the remake. Currently, no director is set and no writer will be hired until after the writer's strike. Dunes is currently gearing up to give FRIDAY THE 13TH an extreme makeover. They have an April start for the remake with CLOVERFIELD star Odette Yustman set to star, and Marcus Nispel directing from a script by FREDDY VS. JASON scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift.

Extra Tidbit: Before NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, New Line was just a distribution company for college campuses. In fact, the film saved the company from bankruptcy and was at one point referred to as "The House that Freddy Built".
Source: Variety



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