Emily Blunt formally passes on role in Captain America

Emily Blunt was once the girl who was to be Black Widow in IRON MAN 2 before Fox exercised a contract clause from her THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA days and a scheduling conflict forced her to drop out. This week she was offered her second high-profile comic book role and she once again won't be participation but this time it's for her own reasons. Marvel formally offered Emily Blunt the role of Captain America's love interest Peggy Carter but Blunt turned it down this earlier this morning.

I appreciate Marvel's efforts to aim high in casting CAPTAIN AMERICA but Emily Blunt considered IRON MAN 2 because she could've been a superhero instead of just playing the girlfriend to a superhero. I'm not entirely surprised she passed and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Marvel's supposed second choice, Keira Knightley, passes as well.

So who else does that leave? The original report had Blunt, Knightley and SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE star Alice Eve on the shortlist but it's unclear what new names (if any) have been added to the list. Director Joe Johnston is currently in London meeting with British lasses for the part and I know Marvel is hoping to lock someone up rather swiftly. Who'd you recommend?

Extra Tidbit: Blunt is married to John Krasinski who was routinely panned as a candidate for Captain America. Wonder if that had anything to do with her passing?
Source: LA Times



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