Emily Blunt in talks to play Mary Poppins for Disney sequel

When Disney announced plans to proceed with a MARY POPPINS sequel late last year that would take place 20 years after the 1964 Julie Andrews film and borrow heavily from the P.L. Travers novels, movie lovers everywhere began fan casting who it was they thought would best fit the role and no matter where you turned, Emily Blunt seemed to top the list.

The Mouse appears to have heard your support for such casting with news that Emily Blunt is now in talks with Disney to become Mary Poppins for their musical sequel. It sounds as if Blunt was always a favorite of director Rob Marshall for the role since the project started developing and now the pieces are beginning to fall into place.

This isn't a done deal yet, as Disney would like to get into production soon and Blunt recently announced she is pregnant... so that may be a problem for their scheduled timeline or for making things work with her. But, if all those details can be ironed out and Mary Poppins might be capable of wielding a little bit of a bump, then Blunt as Mary Poppins is going to happen.

Source: Variety



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