Emily will Shoot you

Emily Blunt Dangerously hot British thesp Emily Blunt has, along with Anthony Hopkins, joined the cast of OCEAN'S ELEVEN and MATCHSTICK MEN writer Ted Griffin's upcoming directorial effort SHOOT THE MESSENGER. The story is based on Irvin Yalom's novel "Lying on the Couch" and in the interest of promoting laziness, here's a copy and pasted official plot synopsis:

Among those doing the lying are Carolyn, who hopes to ruin the career of psychotherapist Ernest Lash because she believes his advice led her husband to seek a divorce. Then there is the gambler whose plan is to lure another psychotherapist into malpractice so he can sue and pay off his debts. In Yalom's world, it's sometimes hard to tell who needs advice and counseling more--the patient lying on the couch or therapist sitting nearby.

Blunt may be playing Carolyn with Hopkins playing one of the two therapists at the center of the story. Blunt can next be seen being her ridiculously hot self in the period biopic THE YOUNG VICTORIA and the horror remake THE WOLF MAN.

Extra Tidbit: Blunt's character in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA was originally supposed to be American but she convinced director David Frankel that she should be British.



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