Emma Watson will have to miss a few days of college to shoot My Week with Marilyn

Hermione is getting a more grown-up role!

Emma Watson has been cast in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN alongside Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Dominic Cooper, and Judi Dench.

The film centers on, "Colin Clark (Redmayne), who worked as Laurence Olivier's assistant on the picture The Prince And The Showgirl, which starred bombshell Marilyn Monroe (Williams) and Olivier ( Branagh), who also directed. Clark penned a diary that charted nine days of close contact with Monroe, with whom he was smitten. He included tales about skinny-dipping with her in the Thames and taking her to visit his godfather at Windsor Castle."

Watson plays the role of Lucy, a wardrobe assistant who worked on the set of THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL in 1956. In the memoir the film if based from, Lucy and Clark apparently went on a few dates. Clark would usually take her around to various places in his sports car and also noted that she "kisses like an angel".

The role isn't a very big one, so she would only need to shoot for a couple of days. Watson said that she was going to take some time away from acting in order to focus on her education. So Brown University will have to go a few days without the lovely and intelligent Ms. Watson while she films the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Watson once said that she would definitely consider going nude for a role, since it is "her job".
Source: Daily Mail UK



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