Emmerich off to 2012

UPDATE - Sony has coughed up the dough for rights to 2012 with production expected to begin in late summer. The budget is expected to reach $200 million smackeroonies. Money well spent (let eye rolling commence).....

Roland Emmerich's latest film (10,000 BC) isn't even in theaters yet and he's already hard at work planning his next project. And for those of you who were missing Emmerich's "let's destroy shit" oeuvre it's time to rejoice. Emmerich is shopping his "apocalyptic" spec script 2012 to studios around Hollywood, almost all of whom are interested. When you buy Emmerich's script (co-written with Harald Kloser) you also get a release date (summer 2009) and a marketing campaign that Emmerich has concocted. Once a studio wins the bidding war, the project is essentially greenlit and would begin gearing up immediately to make its '09 date. So what exacty is 2012 all about? Well like Emmerich's DAY AFTER TOMORROW and INDEPENDENCE DAY it will feature Earthlings in peril. This time it would seem the apocalypse facing humans would be the so-called end of the world which many believe will come on December 21, 2012. That date is based on the end of the Mayan calendar, which seems like an awful silly thing to base your apocalypse feelings on. But to be fair to the 2012 believers, I'm not very well-versed in the theory so I shouldn't knock it. Other hypotheses include that the magnetic poles will reverse and when Nostradamus predicted World War III would begin. Fun!

Extra Tidbit: Michael Bay is also developing a 2012 movie.
Source: Variety



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