Emmy takes Dare

Emmy Rossum has signed on to star in the upcoming indie drama DARE. Based on the short film of the same name, the film is something of a high school version of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN with two jock-ish boys who drink too much champagne and wind up doing the dirty deed in the pool. One review online says the film "drips in homoerotic energy." So kinda like 300 but without all the period garb. Others in the cast are Ashley Springer, Ana Gastayer, Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernhardt, Tricia Mara and Cady Huffman. Adam Salky and David Brind directed and wrote the short respectively and will reprise their roles for the feature. Rossum moves to DARE from DRAGONBALL, a movie that's certainly dripping in something but I don't think it's homoerotic energy. I thought, after THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, there'd be big things in store for Rossum but it never seemed to pan out that way. Not sure why she's not getting some of the Scarlett Johansson type roles but what do I know... Filming on DARE has just begun in Philadelphia.

Extra Tidbit: Tricia Mara is sister of actress Kate Mara and niece to New York Giants owner John Mara.
Source: Variety



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