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Director Kyle Newman seems to have a thing for movies with BOY in the title. AND for his jaw-dropping bride Jaime King. Who could blame him, really? 

Newman, whose FANBOYS I must've watched 5 times already (I mean come on! Kristen Bell in a Lea copper-kini!) is attached to bring about a live-action adaptation of the graphic novels EMO BOY, from author Stephen Emond who also provides the script.

The story follows an "exceptionally sensitive young man" who believes he has Emo powers. As opposed to Elmo powers where you turn red and fuzzy and sing like a castrated Joe Cocker. Mrs. King-Newman will "embody" an emo-sympathizing and probably hot high school teacher to the hero played by Lucas Cruikshank, he of the YouTube series FRED. Cue Van Halen song.

Extra Tidbit: My own high school experience might've turned out differently had I been tutored by at least one teacher who looks like Jaime King



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