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Emotions run rampant in the latest trailer for Pixar's Inside Out



While Pixar took a break last year in the feature-film department, they'll be back in 3 months' time with their latest, INSIDE OUT. If you haven't been brought up to speed, the story follows that of the emotions who live in the control center of a little girl’s mind. The girl, Riley, struggles to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, and thus turmoil ensues in headquarters as the emotions try to get through everyday life. In case you want a taste of the troubles to ensue, check out the latest trailer below!

Here's a brief look at the cast for INSIDE OUT:

Admittedly the trailer doesn't get me pumped, but I think the concept is a pretty brilliant one. Futhermore, the age in which Riley is should yield some interesting results. Emotions are crazy enough as is when you're growing up, but a big move seems to isolate her from friends and family. As with most Pixar projects, this one will undoubtedly push a few emotional buttons. Literally, in INSIDE OUT's case.

INSIDE OUT hits theaters on June 19, 2105.


Source: Pixar



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