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Empire Birthday pics


Once in awhile, something very cool comes around on the internet, and this is that time.

Back in June, Empire Magazine did a photo spread for their 20th anniversary issue featuring some very talented actors and actresses recreating some of their most iconic film roles.

Lucky for us, Empire has posted the photos from that shoot online for everyone to drool over. It may be hard to find a favorite, but I did so rather quickly. As soon as I saw Sam Neill with the flare and the silhouette of the T-Rex I was instantly a very happy fangirl. The rest of the set can be found in the gallery over at Empire. There you will find Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, and many others. This is officially the best day ever.

Extra Tidbit: Sorry if you've seen these already, they are still pretty cool. Plus there are people out there who haven't checked out the awesomeness yet.
Source: Empire



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