Enchanted posters

Normally you'd think a guy like me who takes great delight is posting pictures of Salma Hayek cleavage or screengrabs of Anne Hathaway nude scenes would probably be not all that into a live-action/animated Disney princess movie. Well you'd be wrong. For one, ENCHANTED stars Amy Adams who's pretty damn not in her own right. For two, I have a young daughter who's in the midst of this whole Disney Princess phase so I have to pay attention to this stuff. Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, heck even Mulan gets some love in the Sampson house. So I guess you can say I have an affinity for the Disney Princess films and I'm interested to see one that is a send up of some of the cliches of those films while at the same time embracing them. In the animated portion of the film, the princess character is thrown into the real world by an evil witch to stop her from falling in love with a prince. The real world version is played by Adams where she falls in love with a human (Patrick Dempsey). She's eventually stalked by a real life version of the witch (Susan Sarandon). Ain't It Cool has a couple concept versions of posters including this one below. Another one features a few classic Disney characters, which I thought was a pretty interesting take. Check them all out by clicking below.



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