English D-War trailer

This film has the JoBlo office split. There's a bunch of peeps that think this is gonna be a ton of fun, whereas there's also a camp that think it's gonna be f*cking terrible. I'll definitely give this thing a chance, but I have to say this is one of those times when I side with the terrible camp and hope I'm wrong. Right here we have a new English language trailer for D-WAR (aka. DRAGON WARS), which is much better than the earlier ones that we've seen, but the CGI still seems a little iffy to me. Anyway head on over and check it out HERE. If you couldn't tell from the trailer (and you could be forgiven), the film is about an ancient legend of a warrior apprentice and some kinda of huge killer snake called Buraki. Jason Behr (ROSWELL) plays Ethan, a newscaster who is the reincarnation of said apprentice and is integral to the defeat of Buraki, who has returned, along with a bunch of his reptillian pals. The film drops on September 14th. Drugs will probably help with this one.
Extra Tidbit: Behr has a dog called Ronin.



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