Enough script review

I had my reservations about this film from the get-go and from what Honest Abe has to say about the script, my instincts were dead on. Check out for yourself what Abe reveals about the upcoming Jennifer Lopez "thriller" ENOUGH:

ENOUGH (negative, minor spoilers)
SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY II would be a more appropriate title. I don't understand what prompted this movie to be made because it's a tired story. Woman meets man who sweeps her off her feet but he's not what he seemed. Terrified, she finds the courage to leave and fight back. Dude gets what he deserves. Like I said, a basic story. What really had me cracking up though was the fact that for nearly 80+ pages, Slim (which is J. Lo's character name....shoulda been Booty!) is such a nervous woman on the run after she flees Mitch and takes their daughter Gracie (she's about 7) that it's laughable how she does a complete 180 and decides to take training and kick his ass. The dumbest part of all this is her father, Jupiter. He's nothing more than a plot device who gives her money when she needs it and hooks her up with her physical trainer. I gotta say he's one of the dumbest and most poorly written characters I've read in a while. Then there's Mitch the hubby. At least he's not described as a musclehead. You know, 6'5" 245lbs of solid muscle. No, but he does have a build (I guess kinda like Brad Pitt in SNATCH) and he's tall. He's also fabulously wealthy which allows him to employ every means to track Slim and Gracie down. Otherwise, he's your basic macho asshole. He buys and sells people like water. Look, fans of J. Lo (who I haven't enjoyed in a movie since OUT OF SIGHT) are gonna get their fix, particularly when she's buffing up to an ass kicker towards the later part of the movie but otherwise, do you really feel the need to drop cash on what essentially is a big budget USA Movie of the Week? I don't.

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