Evan be thy poster

Evan Almighty The trailer for EVAN ALMIGHTY flooded the internets earlier this morning and now Cinematical has debuted the poster for the epic biblical comedy. Our dear friend Evan, once again portrayed by Steve Carell, is now a congressman saving the world one corrupt politcian at a time when The Big Guy Upstairs, again portrayed by a happy-go-lucky Morgan Freeman, recruits him for a mission of, as the film's tagline says, biblical proportions. Like Noah before him, Evan is to build an ark large enough to house his family and a couplet of every animal species on Earth and like Noah, Evan is to grow a ridiculously long white beard and parade around with a power cane in the garb of ancient times. It's the only way to properly lead the construction of an ark and the impending flood it'll be used to navigate. Clickie HERE for a bigger version and clickie HERE for new pics from the film. It opens June 22nd.

Extra Tidbit: Lisa Kudrow was considered for the role of Evan's wife. It ultimately went to Lauren Graham.



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