Evangline Lilly and Anthony Mackie to cheer on boxing robots in Real Steel

Are you even reading this, or are you just staring at the picture to the right? Hello? Helloo?? In any case, I better actually write something anyways for the few who actually want to hear the news here.

In the future, human boxing has been outlawed for some reason and has been replaced by robot boxing, a trend which sweeps the nation! A fighter who has been banned from his sport finds a discarded robot and trains him to be a champion with the help of his son.

No, this is not a short story I wrote in sixth grade, rather it’s REAL STEEL and actual Hollywood film with a premise I’m not even going to pretend isn’t completely ridiculous.

But despite that, the cast already boasts Hugh Jackman and Kevin Durand, and it’s added two more to its roster, one of whom made writing this post worthwhile. Anthony Mackie (THE HURT LOCKER) and Evangeline Lilly (LOST) have joined up, and I’ll give you a guess about which one excites me.

I have literally no expectations for this movie, so I guess it can do nothing than meet or exceed them at this point. At least Lilly will make showing up at least a little bit worthwhile now, even if the rest of the film is a bomb.


Extra Tidbit: When Jeremy Renner came home from Iraq and was married to Evangeline Lilly I was like “You would pick WAR over BANGING EVANGELINE LILLY? I hope you get blown up.”
Source: Variety



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