Evans in blue tights?

Update: The folks over at IESB just went ahead and debunked this rumor. Read about it HERE.

Rupert Evans An operative deep inside the upcoming George Miller directed JUSTICE LEAGUE film recently threw out a rather intriguing rumor about the casting of Superman in the film. It seems former BPRD agent and one time Liz Sherman suitor Rupert Evans is the front runner to land the coveted role of the Man of Steel. Judging by what our operative, Codename L., mentioned, it seems pretty likely that he'll be donning the red and blue tights but, as always, please do take it as just a rumor until we get official confirmation. If it is indeed true, however, what do you guys think about this guy becoming everyone's favorite Kryptonian? Please, feel free to strike back at will. In the meantime, you can see Evans in the upcoming drama GUANTANAMERO and you can hear him the upcoming video game "Haze".

Extra Tidbit: Evans trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, whose alumni include Terence Stamp, Julia Ormond, Rupert Friend, Angela Lansbury and Minnie Driver.
Source: JoBlo.com



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