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Evans opts out of Cap Am for indie drama?


UPDATE - Just got in an e-mail from someone involved with the production who says Variety has its story wrong. Turns out filming on PUNCTURE already wrapped. Since it's an indie film, it flew under the radar and news of Evans involvement was just released. Consider Evans still a candidate for CAPTAIN AMERICA then as this film clearly won't be an issue...

Just last week, Chris Evans was revealed to be one of the actors in consideration for CAPTAIN AMERICA. Since then a number of new names have come up like Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum leaving Evans potential in doubt. Now it looks like he's officially signed on to a new film that looks like it may preclude him from carrying the red, white and blue shield.

Evans will star in the drama PUNCTURE about a young attorney fighting against a giant healthcare firm. The catch? The dude's addicted to prescription painkillers! Oh snap!

Adam and Mark Kassen, who have some TV experience, will be making their feature directorial debut on the project. Evans casting was the final piece of the puzzle as the supporting actors - who include Vinessa Shaw, Michael Biehn and Jesse L. Martin - were already set.

Filming on PUNCTURE began this week in Houston. Evans can be seen next this April in THE LOSERS.

Extra Tidbit: Evans has a great supporting role in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD as a evil ex.
Source: Variety



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