Even Brendan Fraser's not coming back for Journey to the Center of the Earth 2

I had no idea anyone was plotting a sequel to JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, because frankly, I didn’t think anyone had seen it, but somehow, the film crawled its way up to $240M in ticket sales worldwide, making another installment obvious. Well, obvious in Hollywoodland, where the quality of the actual film making money makes no difference (see ALVIN AND THE CHIMPMUNKS).

But though a sequel is going ahead for a 2011 release, hardly anyone involved with the first one seems interested in making it. First director Eric Brevig left to do YOGI BEAR, and now star Brendan Fraser says that he doesn’t want to return without him.

So what to do now? Well, the script is now being cut and pasted to make Josh Hutcherson’s nephew character the hero. Looking at him and hearing his name, the kid seems familiar, but scrolling through his IMDB page, I can’t ever say I caught RV, FIREHOUSE DOG, KICKING & SCREAMING or any of the other awful kids movie he’s been in. But at eighteen now, he’s all grown up and ready to be a hero.

Brad Peyton has been hired to direct, as Warners must be pretty jazzed about his work on CATS AND DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE due out this July. Sigh.

The original JOURNEY was one of the first films to be marketed specifically as 3D (this was before AVATAR), but now it’s not so special. Though this entire project now screams of straight-to-DVD, that’s impossible given the 3D nature of the series. Guys, just can it, I’m pretty sure you’re going to lose money this time around if Brendan Fraser won’t even show up for the thing.

Extra Tidbit: So who caught FURRY VENGEANCE? So bad it's good, or just bad?
Source: Deadline



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