Even more for Raimi?

While Sam Raimi tries to decide between SPIDER-MAN 4 and THE HOBBIT, Sony has thrown another project at him to tempt him back to their studio. The studio has picked up an untitled fantasy pitch from writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift for Raimi to produce and possibly direct. The studio believes the movie has franchise potential (don't they believe that about every hackneyed fantasy script?) and is fast-tracking the project. The film follows a cynical New Yorker who is sent to a fantasy land to protect a village and princess from evil forces. So like THE MATRIX but instead of computers, fairies. The project is new ground for Shannon and Swift who last wrote FREDDY VS. JASON for New Line. They were able to snag high six to low seven figures for their deal. Raimi just started the SPIDER-MAN 3 promo push in Japan and is currently figuring out what to do next...while sleeping on a giant mountain of cash.

Extra Tidbit: Raimi is still working on a remake of EVIL DEAD, which could be the most heavily scrutinized movie in fanboy history.



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