Even more Joker!

Another day, another DARK KNIGHT story. The other Joblo.com writers haven't formally responded to my challenge, perhaps because they know that victory is hopeless. Therefore, I am reluctantly withdrawing my offer, but if any of you readers out there want to keep tabs on this thing and let us know who the winner is in one year's time, that would be more than appreciated. And now I continue my bid to be the ultimate Joblo.com DARK KNIGHT article writing champion.

Another Joker spy pic has been posted online, along with three videos, one featuring the Clown Prince himself. In the picture we got what is probably our clearest look at him since the official pic surfaced last month, as we're finally treated to a clear look at his costume. They've remained faithful with the purple and green colour combo (how could they not?). But, staying true to the rest of this new Batman aesthetic, this duds are less comic-book like and more authentic, almost bordering on rags. I like. Thanks to Neal for pointing us towards the photo, which you can click on to see the whole thing.

Extra Tidbit: Man oh man, there aren't enough extra tidbits to keep up with all these DARK KNIGHT articles. I'm going to have to start telling you what I had for lunch (fries and gravy).



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