Even more names thrown into the Mary Jane Watson pile, one of them a Glee alum

Spider-Man continues to search for his leading lady, and the studio is practically digging through every young actress in LA to find her. Previously, Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska among others were mentioned as possible leads, and now even more names have been thrown into contention.

The "big" one of the bunch I suppose would be Glee's Dianna Agron (seen here), but she may not be available due to the fact she's starring in an inexplicably popular TV show (though she did screen test last night according to Deadline). Along with her on the shortlist are Georgina Haig of WASTED ON THE YOUNG and Dominique McElligot who showed up briefly in MOON as Sam Rockwell's daughter.

I've been pulling for Emma Stone from the get-go, but she seems like almost the too-obvious choice for the role. Judging by the fact the studio and director Marc Webb picked someone like Andrew Garfield over someone like Logan Lerman, I wouldn't be surprised if it went to someone we wouldn't really expect in the role like Wasikowska or McElligot.

Now, how about announcing our villain(s) perhaps?

Extra Tidbit: In some parallel universe where up is down and black is white, Lindsay Lohan just landed this role.
Source: Deadline



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