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     Bobby n' Drew in EVERYBODY'S FINE

Is Robert DeNiro on his way back to greatness? CAN he find his way back? Some medias already talk about Oscar chances for Bobby with EVERYBODY'S FINE, but even though he seems much more invested here then he was for most of the last ten years, I'm still not sold, especially since the role he's now tackling was previously played by the legendary Marcello Mastroianni.

The movie is an update on Giuseppe Tornatore's 1990 film Stanno Tutti Bene about a retired bureaucrat who travels across the country to visit each of his children, whom he finds himself truly discovering for the first time. It had been nominated for Cannes' Palmes D'Or, and was one of the films I had the good fortune of being assigned to dissect back in my college days. Thus an American remake with the guy from RIGHTEOUS KILL gets me a little miffed. BUT...

I'll be the first to admit, this one has plenty of goodies to offer. Kate Beckinsale is a fine view no matter the movie so that one's a given, but DeNiro actually "acting" opposite Sam Rockwell as his son is something else, and the whole thing being directed by the guy who made WAKING NED DEVINE signals the definite possibility of a fine film.

Have a look-see right down there, and help me decide if I should be interested. Release is on December 4th.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently there's a HEAT videogame on the way, with DeNiro, Pacino and Kilmer providing their voices. Damn I love that movie!
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