Ewan wears Jackboots

Ewan McGregor Joining MEIN FUHRER in an emerging cinematic trend illuminating the lighter side of Hitler and Nazis, the comedy JACKBOOTS ON WHITEHALL spoofs what would have happened had the Germans won the Battle of Britain. And to confirm said spoofness, the film, taking a cue from Matt Stone and Trey Parker's use of marionettes in TEAM AMERICA, will be performed entirely by action figures. The Nazi-centric mockery must be of high quality as the film's recently added Ewan McGregor and Richard Griffiths to its voice cast, which also includes Richard E. Grant, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill and Alan Cumming as Hitler. Wait, Cumming as Hitler? The parody is strong with this one. The film marks the feature debut of Edward McHenry, who co-scripted the flick with his brother Rory. McGregor can next be seen alongside Hugh Jackman in the suspense thriller THE TOURIST.

Extra Tidbit: McGregor's uncle Denis Lawson played Wedge Antilles in the original STAR WARS trilogy.
Source: Variety



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