Excited for the Voltron film? Don't be, it's been scrapped

Just last October we ran an article titled "Voltron movie lives" and it indicated that the popular 80s toy/cartoon franchise was getting the movie treatment with a lucrative new deal. Yeah, not so much. Today it was announced that VOLTRON rights holders are scrapping plans for a VOLTRON movie and will instead focus on reintroducing the franchise to the Bieber generation through "Voltron: Defender of the Universe," a new animated series for Nicktoons.

Justin Marks (STREET FIGHTER) once wrote a VOLTRON script for Fox back when they were interested in making the movie. (Since this movie's not happening, it couldn't hurt to link to Marks' VOLTRON script, which has been floating around online...) They dropped the movie and Relativity Media came aboard to try and salvage the project. That version never got off the ground either and it seems like they'd rather just try the less expensive route with a new cartoon and toy line from Mattel that will feature "an edgier, modernized robot."

It's not the only cartoon to skip a movie for a cartoon as THUNDERCATS was recently announced for the Cartoon Network. If these cartoons are successful in relaunching the franchise, it's always possible a feature film could be in the works but if I were Voltron Girl, I wouldn't be holding my breath.

Extra Tidbit: But when is the SNORKS movie coming?!
Source: Variety



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