EXCL: Duplicity poster!

With the BOURNE trilogy, Tony Gilroy proved he was a writer to be reckoned with. With MICHAEL CLAYTON, Gilroy proved he was a top-notch director to boot. This March, Gilroy brings us his latest film, DUPLICITY, set in the high stakes world of corporate espionage. And boy howdy, corporate espionage has never looked so good.

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star as former government agents who've left the public sector behind for the mega bucks world of big business. But, as you might expect with spies as beautiful as either Julia Roberts or Clive Owen, love tends to complicate things. Just in case the collective resumes of Gilroy, Roberts and Owen weren't enough for you, Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson co-star. We're pleased as punch to bring you the exclusive debut of the brand new poster for DUPLICITY, which hits theaters on March 20 (and just for good measure, you can also check out the trailer for the film below).

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Source: JoBlo.com



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