EXCL: Gamer site!

I've been looking forward to GAMER ever since last Comic-Con when directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were on hand to host the Masters of the Web panel and showed off some footage. This September we finally get a look at the finished film and tomorrow Lionsgate launches the film's official site, but we've got a sneak peek for you!

As I'm sure you've seen with the augmented reality experience and the interactive poster, the marketing for this movie has been pretty innovative. With the new site, users will be able scroll left and right and up and down on the site, a functionality that hasn’t ever been enabled on a theatrical website before. While navigating the site, users will be able to find film clips, behind-the-scenes footage, easter eggs and gain access to a restricted redband zone. There will also be a "Facebook Connect" feature that will allow you to put yourself into the film's poster.

All some pretty cool stuff in a day and age when official site have become rather bland. As mentioned above, the site goes live tomorrow but you can try out an exclusive sneak peek by clicking below! UPDATE - The site is now live! Click below to check it out!

Source: JoBlo.com



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