EXCL: Hurt Locker clip!

With the Best Picture nominees at the Oscars now expanded to a category of ten, THE HURT LOCKER is absolutely in the running for the top prize. Not that it wasn't qualified before the announcement (because as far as I'm concerned it is one of the best movies of the year), but with all the politics involved in campaigning, the expansion gives HURT LOCKER a legitimate chance at a Best Picture nomination.

Now I'm sure that's putting the cart before the horse as far as Summit and director Kathryn Bigelow are concerned. At this point, I think they'd be happy if people just showed up to watch the film. It opens tomorrow in New York and LA and expands wide on July 10. If you happen to live in one of those two cities, I highly recommend you find time in between the robot testicles and sambots to check it out. Your brain will thank you. (As an added bonus, if you're in NYC you can catch a Q&A with Ms. Bigelow or if you're in LA, a Q&A with star Jeremy Renner.)

I'm pleased to present to you an exclusive clip from the film. I'm told this clip was never supposed to be released but it's a little extra something for the JoBlo readers. It'd be hard to pick my favorite part of the movie, but this clip below kicks off what I'd say is the most intense sequence of the film. Check it out below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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