EXCL: Love You Man art!

If you're like me and you laughed yourself silly watching the red-band I LOVE YOU, MAN trailer or the new R-rated clip, then you're waiting rather impatiently for this film's release this March. Some lucky bastards have already seen it (ahem JimmyO...) but the rest of us have a painful wait ahead of us.

Well to help celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend, I'm pleased to bring you an exclusive first-look at the film's poster. As I've said before, Paul Rudd is a bonafide comedy star in his own right now (after playing second fiddle to Steve Carell and Will Ferrell for a couple years) and this poster nicely highlights that. No funky tricks. No floating heads. Just your two stars, a funny title and a funny tagline. What more about this movie do you really need to know? Right now, I love I LOVE YOU, MAN and I'm not afraid to say it...

And if that's not enough for your loved one, my special Valentine Tamar sent me one of these I LOVE YOU, MAN e-cards. You can send one of these or a variety of others at the official site to your special someone. And sadly this is an all too real portrayal of married life. Happy Valentine's JoBloers!

Extra Tidbit: While you're at it, check out the official Facebook and MySpace pages for ILYM.
Source: JoBlo.com



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