EXCL: Moon clip!

It's our distinct pleasure today to share with you an exclusive new clip from one of this summer's best movies, MOON. Our pal, director Duncan Jones, was kind enough to send along this extended clip from the film to and we at JoBlo.com and Arrow in the Head couldn't be happier to present it to you today.

If you saw my JoBlo Movie Show segment a few weeks back, you'll know I named MOON one of my five movies you shouldn't miss this summer. The less you know about the film the better but it stars Sam Rockwell as a solitary worker mining a precious gas on the moon that will help the Earth's energy crisis. As he winds down his three years on the lunar planet and looks forward to returning to his wife and daughter, things start to get...weird. To say anymore would be spoilery but our clip takes place right when the weirdness begins...

You can check out the clip below or watch it in HD by clicking here.

Source: JoBlo.comAITH



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