EXCL: Pineapple poster!

Is it too early to start giving out awards for Best Trailer of the year? I guess there's still about eight more months to go but for my money, you're not going to get much better than the PINEAPPLE EXPRESS red band trailer. There are just so many little things in there to love in addition to all the big laughs. But we've seen the trailer already and we're here to show you something you haven't seen.

We're proud to debut today the poster for PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. I liked the old tagline ("One hit could ruin your entire day") but I think I like this one even more ("Put this in your pipe and smoke it"). And I love the addition of Danny McBride on the poster. His "thug life!" line in the trailer never fails to crack me up. PINEAPPLE hits theaters on August 8th (too bad 4/20 isn't a Friday this year) and I can't wait!

Extra Tidbit: Welcome back to the funny James Franco! We missed you!
Source: Sony Pictures



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