Excl: Rescue Dawn pics

I've been a major fan of Christian Bale since he kicked my ass all over the theater in AMERICAN PSYCHO, a performance which I still believe got the shaft from critics that year -- the man deserved awards for that stuff! Since then, he always seems to choose great movies in which to showcase his supreme talents, including EQUILIBRIUM, REIGN OF FIRE, THE MACHINIST, HARSH TIMES and a little something called BATMAN BEGINS, in which he played the Dark Knight himself.

This summer, he's starring in Werner Herzog's RESCUE DAWN, a true life tale of a an American pilot, Dieter Dengler (Bale) who is shot down during a top secret mission to destroy Viet Cong strongholds, is taken hostage and endures unimaginable conditions at the hands of cruel captors in a makeshift POW camp. The film is set for release on July 4th, which between me and you, seems an odd choice for release for a film such as this, but for now, that's the release date. Below are some exclusive pictures from the film for JoBlo.com, and CLICK HERE to check out the film's trailer.

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