EXCL: Salt poster!

SALT was originally set up as a starring vehicle for Tom Cruise. But Cruise (being Cruise) eventually passed on the project and it's to Angelina Jolie's great credit that she was not only able to step in to star in the film, but become the main selling point. Sometimes we forget that despite Jolie's private life and seemingly being the luckiest woman in the world (or at least second luckiest), she's an Oscar-winning actress. She didn't just take over for Tom Cruise, she made this her film.

Today we've got an exclusive look at the teaser poster for SALT that bravely puts Jolie front and center with little explanation about the film itself. What it does though is tease you a little bit with this striking pose (as a teaser poster should do) and then direct you to WhoisSalt.com where people will no doubt be headed. It should be noted that while this version of the poster is static, there is another version you'll see in theater lobbies that will have Jolie in motion.

If you haven't yet, check out the SALT trailer here and then get a first look at the official SALT poster below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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