EXCL: Sex Drive clip!

A lot of teen comedies have tried to come along to do what AMERICAN PIE and SUPERBAD have done in the modern years. A lot of teen comedies have failed miserably (I'm looking at you COLLEGE). But one that looks to actually break out and find some success is SEX DRIVE. Word out of the early screenings have been fantastic and it sounds like we have a star in the making with Clark Duke.

Today we're happy to bring you a red-band clip from the film featuring that star-to-be Duke. This is the raunchiest of the clips out there for this film and gives you a glimpse at exactly what you're in for out of this film. You've heard of Peppermint Patties and hummers right?...

Exclusive SEX DRIVE Clip - "See How That Shoe Fits"

And while you're here, there are also three other red-band clips from the film that you might want to check out. All funny stuff for ya with the last two highlighting the supporting turns by Seth Green and James Marsden respectively. SEX DRIVE hits theaters on October 17th.

"Ian Humps the Bag"

"Ezekiel Saves the Day"

"Rex Drives Ian to Work"

Source: JoBlo.com



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