Excl: Shooter pics

As per my point about our site yesterday, it was real nice of Paramount to toss us 5 exclusive pictures from their upcoming action thriller SHOOTER, but it was even nicer of them to include 1 picture of Kate Mara, who if she plays her cards right, might end up being one of JoBlo.com's favorite new hotties. Yum-yum.

But back to the point at hand, the film SHOOTER is directed by a man whom I respect, Antoine Fuqua, and stars Marky Mark as a former Marine sniper who is asked to "return to service" after Danny "He's too old for this shit" Glover seemingly begs him to do so. Check out the film's very cool trailer HERE for more on that, and check out the film's OFFICIAL SITE if you want more info on the movie, which opens wide on March 16th. As for Ms. Mara, I don't know too much about the lady, but so far, so good! PS: Dang, seems like Mike Sampson is two steps ahead of me, as usual. Damn you, Sampson!!

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