EXCL: Southland comic!

It's been a long, bumpy road for Richard Kelly and his SOUTHLAND TALES. It premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival to abysmal reviews and many wondered whether it would ever be released. But Kelly would not give up and he added over 90 FX shots to the film and cut about 25 minutes from the 160 minute cut that screened at Cannes. The resulting film was picked up by Sony Pictures for release and after seven years in the making (Kelly wrote the script directly after September 11th), the film is finally set for release on November 14th. To help celebrate that release, Sony Pictures and Richard Kelly have decided to release the first graphic novel based on the film online. We're happy to be the first site to host a portion of the novel today with the first 18 pages available to you, the JoBlo reader. Every day this week, at other sites around the web, more pages will be available for your perusal until the entire comic is yours. Check it out below!

Source: Sony Pictures



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