EXCL: Strangers clip!

One of the low-key surprises at last year's Comic-Con was THE STRANGERS, a pretty standard thriller that's low on concept but high on scares (read Jim Law's coverage of the panel here). Just recently I saw the trailer in front of BABY MAMA and it just about scared the fetus out of all the pregnant moms-to-be looking for a laugh. Today, we're happy to bring you word that our horror-lovin' cousins at Arrow in the Head have an exclusive clip from the film. I'd tell you the title of the clip but it pretty much gives it all away. Suffice to say though that Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman get a little spooked. Based on its it-can-happen-to-you premise, I wouldn't be surprised at all if THE STRANGERS winds up being one of the sleeper hits of the summer. I mean everyone's gotta be a little sick of PROM NIGHT at this point right? Give us a horror film with some real horror for chrissake! The JoBlo/AITH connection will have lots more from the film as the release date (May 30th) approaches so stay tuned! For now, head over to Arrow in the Head to check out the exclusive spookiness!

Extra Tidbit: Mark Romanek was originally scheduled to direct THE STRANGERS but his proposed budget ($40 million) was too high for the studio.



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