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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Bad Words Director and Star Jason Bateman!

Mar. 25, 2014by:

In BAD WORDS, the feature film directorial debut of Jason Bateman, the incredibly funny actor takes on the very frightening world of a national spelling bee. Bateman plays 40-year-old Guy Trilby who is not the nicest guy on the planet. After finding a loophole in the system, Trilby enters a spelling bee and in the process humiliates his young and oftentimes sensitive opponents. The actor filmmaker does an incredible job and I can honestly say I have no bad words to describe BAD WORDS... Aside from the fact it's really f*cking funny!

When I sat down with Jason, who happens to be a fan of, he discussed taking on the director’s role for his latest. He talks about his attraction to characters that are multidimensional and why Trilby appealed to him. Bateman does a phenomenal job with this character and along with the rest of this incredible cast he has created a surprisingly touching yet very dark comedy about wounded people. BAD WORDS is currently playing in select cites and opens wide this Friday.



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Latest Entertainment News Headlines

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