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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Nightcrawler Star Rene Russo!


Rene Russo is pretty incredible for a number of reasons. While she only has a few film credits under her name for somebody with a nearly three decade career, she has a ton of cool flicks that she’s been a part of including the last two LETHAL WEAPON movies, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, OUTBREAK and RANSOM. Recently she has earned an entirely new cred thanks to THOR and its sequel THOR: THE DARK WORLD as well as her most recent film NIGHTCRAWLER, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. In this dark and satirical feature from her writer/director husband Dan Gilroy, the talented actress gives one hell of a great performance.

When I sat down with this intoxicatingly beautiful lady the first thing she asked was if she could swear on JoBlo. Of course she could was my answer! And so she did and that started off a very fun and informative interview. We discussed her character and where it was based. The idea of just how far one person would go to survive in a desperate situation came up as well. NIGHTCRAWLER features two fantastic performances from both Russo and Gyllenhaal. If you want to see a great Halloween flick, one that is much creepier than the current couple of horror movies, this is the one to watch. NIGHTCRAWLER opens on Halloween at a theatre near you.

And here's Rene swearing for us!

Source: JoBlo.com



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