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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Out of the Furnace Star Christian Bale!

1 year agoby:

As much as I loved Christian Bale’s take on THE DARK KNIGHT in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, it is always refreshing to see the actor take on more intimately dramatic films. In OUT OF THE FURNACE, Bale plays a loving brother who finds himself at war with a very volatile baddie courtesy of the fantastic Woody Harrelson. Both Bale and his on-screen brother Casey Affleck offer two wonderfully complex performances and it is a pleasure to see this great actor taking on roles like this as well as the upcoming AMERICAN HUSTLE.

To sit across from Mr. Bale and talk acting is more than just a cool fanboy moment as it is equally satisfying to hear the actor discuss his craft with such passion. During the conversation he went into the brotherly bond that he shared with Mr. Affleck and when he first realized it worked. Bale also talked about the delicate balancing of keeping that character with you during the production. Whatever he does he knows exactly what he is doing as he is arguably one of the most talented actors working today. If you’d like to check out his fantastic performance, OUT OF THE FURNACE opens this Friday at a theatre near you.



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9:44AM on 12/06/2013
Can't wait to see this. Looks AMAZING.
Can't wait to see this. Looks AMAZING.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines

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