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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Chef star John Leguizamo!


For someone who has been watching John Leguizamo in films for over twenty years, this was a real treat…

In Jon Favreau's fantastic new comedy CHEF, Leguizamo plays Martin, the boisterous right-hand man and sous chef to Jon Favreau's Carl Casper, a celebrity chef whose career implodes and leaves him struggling to figure out his next move. As can be counted upon, Leguizamo brings the same limitless charisma and energy to the part of the loyal friend that he brings to every role. Honestly, can you watch this guy perform - be it in any of the dozens of films he's appeared in or in one of his fantastic stage shows - and not be thoroughly entertained?

I spoke to my fellow Queens native about his turn in the film (which is really great, by the way), the ecstasy of the food involved and the best part of the "road trip" he went on with Favreau and company.

Source: JoBlo.com



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