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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Lovelace star Amanda Seyfried!

Aug. 8, 2013by: JimmyO

Amanda Seyfried has taken on risky roles before. With her work in the underrated little thriller CHLOE to her recent turn as one-time porn star Linda Lovelace, the actress continues to grow with each chance she takes. In LOVELACE, she gives an impressive performance from wide-eyed innocent to a beaten and battered woman trying to find her way out of the world of pornography.

When I sat down with the actress, we talked about her work in LES MISERABLES. She told me that she wanted very badly to be in the big screen adaptation of the Broadway play WICKED. I say, letís make it happen. During our conversation she talked about working with Sharon Stone and getting a slap that really made the character real for her. It was a pleasure speaking to Ms. Seyfried as well as a treat seeing her terrific work in the new film which opens this weekend in limited release.


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