Exclusive Cool Video: The Top Ten Best R-Rated Comedies

Comedy doesn't require profanity, nudity, or violence, but they certainly don't hurt! There is a huge selection of movies that are examples of clean humor that make you laugh with a witty line of dialogue, a perfectly set-up sight gag, or a creative pratfall. But, if a titty falls out of a shirt, a dick joke makes it's way into the frame, or an errant f*ck you is heard, it may be the cherry on top.

R-rated comedies have a long history full of memorable movies and NSFW content you cannot always quote or share, but we all know what they are. Whether it be the Franks above the Beans or a quote from Chevy Chase, we all know what our favorites are. Here is our ranking of the ten best of those restricted movies. See if your picks made the cut. If not, add them to the talk backs below.

The latest candidate to join this list, NEIGHBORS, opens in theaters today.

Source: JoBlo.com



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