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Exclusive: DiCaprio becomes The Revenant in this behind-the-scenes look


There's been a lot of buzz for Alejandro Inarritu's latest, and if any of it is to be believed, Leonardo DiCaprio may finally walk home with that little, golden statue that's eluded him all these years. THE REVENANT saw a limited release on Christmas Day, but it's finally getting the wide release it deserves on January 8th. There's no better time to catch up with what DiCaprio's character, Hugh Glass, has to endure than now, with this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at THE REVENANT!

The trailers and previews for this film look great, and judging by our review (check it out here), the film is a visual treat. I'm a sucker for a good survival story, so it's not really going to take much to guarantee my ass in a theater seat come this Friday. The acting provided by DiCaprio and crew will just be the icing on the frontier cake. Don't let that bear get the best of ya, Leo!

THE REVENANT will hit theaters this Friday!




Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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